PAL GAL Trasimeno Orvietano 2014 - 2020

Measure 19

SUB-MEASURE 19.2 - Type of intervention 19.2.1.

Intervention 6.4.3 of the PSR for Umbria 2014-2020


"Support for the development and creation of non-agricultural activities in the trade - crafts - tourism - services - technological innovation sectors"

PROJECT: "The connected rooster IS HI-TECH"

Beneficiary: GALLO & C. s.n.c

The intervention in question involved the internal restructuring of the spaces dedicated to the kitchen and services on the ground floor with masonry, renovation of the systems, reconstruction of the flooring and installation of the new internal doors.

The modernization and energy efficiency of the structure was carried out with the replacement of the current external fixtures with aesthetically identical fixtures but with better transmittance and insulation characteristics; replacement of the gas boiler with a new generation condensing boiler; replacement of old lamps with new LED lamps aimed at significantly reducing electricity consumption.

Installation of new class A appliances equipped with intelligent connection and management systems (COSMO WI-FI) in order to optimize consumption and to be controlled and controlled via an app installed on a smartphone. All appliances connected to the network and controlled and controlled via a dedicated app.

A website has been developed with a section where you can book / give a lunch or dinner by paying for them directly online.

The possibility for the customer to book and pay through the website and to give a dinner or lunch via voucher makes the service offered by the “Gallo nel pozzo” exclusive in the municipality of Panicale.

This is aimed at satisfying already acquired customers in the best possible way and attracting new customers more easily in order to be able to increase revenues and profits and at the same time promote the territory of Panicale and neighboring areas with its products of excellence.

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