Terms and conditions


Name and contact details of the Data Controller:

Soc Gallo & c Snc - P.za Umberto I 20 - 06064 Panicale (Pg) - P.i. 00622750545 - Tel 075 827285

Owner contact email: info@ilgallonelpozzo.it

1. Validity

These conditions govern the sale and supply of good-type products by de The Rooster in the Well to you. The Rooster in the Well may change these conditions in the future. Any changes to the current conditions will be communicated via e-mail to registered users and will take effect immediately from the time of their publication on the site.

2. The contract between you and Il Gallo nel pozzo

There is no commitment between you and The Rooster in the Well as long as The Rooster in the Well has not sent you an e-mail confirming receipt of the order and its acceptance. The Rooster in the Well has the right to withdraw from any commitment in the event of obvious errors or inaccuracies concerning the goods or orders that appear on the site The Rooster in the Well.

3. Prices and availability

Product prices The Rooster in the Well are clearly indicated on the site and are inclusive of VAT. The price data shown on the site The Rooster in the Well are subject to change without notice, but the price indicated at the time of order is valid for payment.

4. Delivery of vouchers

The Rooster in the Well will deliver the ordered voucher (s) via e-mail through an order confirmation sent to the e-mail address you indicated during the order confirmation.

5. Responsibility

The Rooster in the Well will not be liable to any party for the failure to execute the contract in the event that the consumer does not show up in the tavern The Rooster in the Well.

6. Conditions of use of the voucher (s) purchased on this site

Vouchers purchased on this website allow the voucher holder to pay for lunch or dinner at our restaurant The Rooster in the Well and are valid for 12 months from the date of issue, unless its value is fully spent before the expiry date. After 12 months, the voucher / s will no longer be valid.

There are no substitutions or refunds (even partial) of the e vouchers The Rooster in the Well assumes no responsibility in case of loss, theft or destruction.

The vouchers can be transferred to third parties.

Once vouchers have been purchased on this website, they can be used to pay for meals (Food and beverages) at our restaurant The Rooster in the Well, in the following ways:

  • Reservation by email by filling out our form or by phone at: +39 075 837 285 or al 39 327 128 3536, after purchasing one or more vouchers.
  • At the time of booking, the possession of the voucher / s must be reported, indicating the order ID (ie the number preceded by the # symbol).
  • Arrived at the restaurant The Rooster in the Well, presents the voucher / s that confirm the processing of the order. The voucher / s can be presented in paper format or digitally by email.
  • If the voucher / s do not cover the full amount of the account, you can pay the difference by credit card or any other suitable payment method.

In case, it is no longer possible to go to The Rooster in the Well on the day booked by e-mail or by phone, it is possible to book a new table with another date that does not exceed the expiry date of 12 months.

The voucher / s cannot be used in any other way or for any other purpose, outside the provisions of these Terms of Use.

The The Rooster in the Well reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use from time to time at its discretion. These Terms of Use are applicable within the limits established by law.

8. Current legislation and jurisdiction

The contracts between you and The Rooster in the Well will be subject to Italian law and all disputes may eventually be claimed in court.

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