Our menu


Pastry filled with Chicken liver patè served and berries sauce)

sous – vide Poached egg, fresh black truffle, almonds chips)

beef TARTARE, smoked tench from Trasimeno lake Mayonnaise, toasted bread 1.2.4.

Fagiolina beans form Trasimeno, Chianina Beef made like a tuna, caramelized red onion, celery) 8.


Thick spaghetti with elephant garlic sauce, powder and confit tomatoes, basil mousse 1.2.9.

Ravioli filled with Carbonara” sauce with artisanal bacon and seasoned cheese 1.2.9.

Bocconotti pasta free range “Cinta Senese” Pork sauce 1.2.8.

little dumplings, butter with lemon, caramelized Eel fillet, Trout bottarga


DUCK leg Confit with plums and sundried tomatoes 1.8.13.

Boneless Rabbit filled with Carp from Trasimeno lake in “Porchetta” way4.9.

oven-baked LAMB chops in Sicilian Pistacchio crust 6.

WILD BOAR silrloin with sour cherries and wild herbs sauce


Sicilian Cannoli with ricotta and pistachio 1.6.9.

tiramisu 1.2.9.

Lemon meringue pie1.2.9.

Almonds bisquit, caramel mousse, almonds chips1.

Allergens: 1) gluten 2) eggs 3) shellfish 4) fish 5) peanuts 6) nuts 7) soy 8) celery 9) milk and lactose 10) mustard 11) sesame seeds 12) lupins 13) sulfur dioxide 14) clams

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