Our menu


CHICKEN liver patè served with home-made brioches bread

Beef Tartare, walnuts sauce, red fruit sauce. 6.9.

Tomato and bread soup, poached egg, dried onion

Marinated veal, Smoked Tench of Trasimeno Lake and mayonnaise sauce 2.4.

Arancino filled with Norcina sauce, porcini mushrooms cream 1.2.9.


Thick Spaghetti sundried tomato pesto and garlic sauce 1.2.9.

Ravioli filled with “Carbonara” sauce with artisanal pork cheek and seasoned cheese 1.2.9.

Potatoes dumplings, Perch from Trasimeno Lake, courgettes and tomato crumble

Cappelletti pasta filled with braised mixed meat served in broth 1.2.8.

Risotto, pecorino cheese and black pepper sauce, stewed pigeon pukp


Thigh DUCK
in "confit" with plums and dried cherry tomato from Sicily 1.13.

Loin of RABBIT
filled with Carp pulp

Boneless and stuffed QUAIL
with sausages from Panicale 1.2.9.

Oven-baked LAMB
chops in Sicilian Pistacchio crust 6.

Small steak of Wild BOAR
marinated on dark chocolate aroma 8.13.

From the BIO's Gallo pantry

Bread, atisanal butter, Anchoivies Don Tonino 1.4.9.
Vegetables in oil
Selection of Cheeses


Decomposed Sicilian Cannolo
Cocoa tart, apricot gel, stracciatella mousse 1.2.
Pear with vinsanto and vanilla ice cream 2.15.
tiramisu 1.9.

Allergens: 1) gluten 2) eggs 3) shellfish 4) fish 5) peanuts 6) nuts 7) soy 8) celery 9) milk and lactose 10) mustard 11) sesame seeds 12) lupins 13) sulfur dioxide 14) clams

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